Father Mine

“So what is it that we’re doing here again?” Bishop asked Jansa as they made their way through an abandoned subway station.

“Looking for Father.” Jansa said.

“and that is?”

Jansa sighed and looked around through the night vision glasses that Dirk had given her and Bishop when they left The Roost.

“We call him Father because he’s kind of the Father of us all.”

“What do you mean?” Bishop asked.

“She means, dear boy, that I’m the one everyone seeks when they’re lost.”

Jansa smiled at the man who stepped out of the shadow of a door way. “Father.”

“My girl.” He replied and swept her up in to a hug.

“Holy shit. That’s -” Bishop’s jaw dropped.

“That’s right. Thought you killed me, did you? You’ll come to learn that I am not so easy to kill.” He said as he set Jansa down. Running a hand through his brown hair that was laced with silver, Jansa’s own father smiled at him.

“The fucking Wolf is alive.” Bishop was in awe. “I saw the bomb explode. How did you make it out?”

“I didn’t, but I’m fucking immortal. All I had to do was wait for them to reach me.” Wolf Rook said as he hooked his arm around his daughter’s waist.

“That means,”

“That Jansa is immortal and not human.”

“Sorry Bishop. I wanted to tell you and Pope years ago, but Dad didn’t want me to let my secret out.” She stood next to her father, proud.

“So you’re the Dragon. The one that everyone has been looking for, for the last 10 years?”

Jansa nodded.

“How the bloody fuck could you have not told me?! You could have ended this whole thing years ago!”

“By becoming a guinea pig? Never. I’d die first than be trapped in that place.”

“So instead you’re going to let them take more children in your place? Some fucking hero.”

“I never said I was a hero. That was you. I’m doing what’s right.”


I Melt For You

Jansa stepped off the elevator and pulled out the scanner out of her bag. Dirk swore his new toy would make things easier. She just hoped that he managed to make it stable. The last thing she needed was it exploding in her hand while on a hunt.

Jansa walked down the hall of apartments, scanning each door and coming up empty. Cursing under her breath, she walked to the last door in the hall and scanned it. The scanner in her hand dinged. Smiling to herself, Jansa put the machine away and pulled out her lock picks. She was inside and searching the apartment in less than a minute.

She was just about to go in to the bedroom when someone grabbed her from behind.

“Don’t move.”

Jansa knew that voice and groaned. “Bishop.”

“You know I love it when you say my name like that, but I’m afraid we’ve both been set up. There’s a patrol on their way here.”

“How do you know?”

“Police scanner.”

Jansa sighed. “Exit plan?”

“Through the window or we go out in to the hall and pretend we’re drunk lovers on their way home.” He murmured in to her ear.

Jansa thought about it and decided that wearing glass was not a good idea tonight.

“Option two.”

“I love that option.” Bishop said as he dragged her out the door and locked it behind them. Pushing Jansa against the door, Bishop kissed her neck while she watched the hall way. He was drawing an erasure sigil on the door to erase their presence from the apartment.

“Are you done?” Jansa asked.

Bishop nuzzled her ear. “Mm.. yeah. Did you know you smelled like blueberries?”

Jansa fought the urge to melt. “Yeah, I did. Body wash. Now keep moving, I don’t want to end up in jail tonight.”

“I like it.” Bishop said.

Jansa nudged him back and they stumbled down to the elevator, laughing and giggling.


The sounds of ZZ Top’s “Tush” pumped out of the speakers of the bar as she walked by the door. It was a busy night in The Hallow and Jansa was just getting started on making her rounds. There were some rumors from Watertown that a new shipment of Kappa children has just been brought over from the islands and were currently up for auction.

Jansa was not happy at the thought of those kids being forced to do their special brand of magic as a rich man’s toy.

Making her way inside, Jansa flashed a smile to the security guy behind the podium.

“Long time, Luke.”

“Not long enough, Jansa. No death tonight.”

“No promises.” She said with a laugh as she strolled in to the main room.

Jansa scanned the room slowly, allowing her implant to pick up on faces in the database that Dirk had designed. When she spotted Bishop across the room, she swore. Picking up her phone she dialed his number and smiled when he picked up.

“Hello, fuck-face.”

“Hello, Scorpion Queen.”

“Here to poach more children for that government mill you call a ‘rehabilitation’ program? ”

“Give it a rest, Crusader. I’m here for the same reason you are. To get the kids out safe.” He looked around the room for her, but Jansa had hidden herself in a dark corner.

“Kiss my tush.” Jansa said and ended the call. She smiled when she saw him swear at his phone and looked around again.

She disappeared up a stairway to the auction room when the light flashed. She settled in to her chair when Bishop sat next to her.

“You’re going to have to deal with me eventually, Crusader.”

“At least you’re not calling me Pope anymore.”

“You divorced him. I wouldn’t insult you with his memory.”

“No, instead you insult me with my own stupidity.”

“Never stupid, Crusader. Naive maybe, but never stupid. You loved him as I love you.”

“Now who’s naive?”

“Only for you.”

Bus to Babylon

Jansa could smell it as she stepped off the bus.

Frankincense. Myrrh.

The smells of her childhood in Babylon. She closed her eyes and a tear formed before she could prevent it from happening. There was a dull ache of home that clinched in her gut. Pushing her hands in to the pockets of her coat, Jansa tried hard to push the thoughts away as she focused on getting the attention of the werewolf that was tailing her. A flash of fur out of the corner of her eye told her that he’d taken the bait.

Time for work.

Don’t forget the Zombie

This week’s Trifecta has me in a party mood. Meet Jansa and Jack:


The music was so loud her chest felt every pound of the beat. Jansa Made her way through the crowd, catching the eye of the VIP up in the booth. She flashed him a smile and headed straight for the bar.

“What’ll it be, Jay?”

“Zombie, Jack. Make it strong.”

He knew she wouldn’t drink it; she only ordered one when she was hunting. Jack scanned the crowd as he mixed the drink and spotted the Vampire in the VIP booth. Shaking his head, he reached under the counter and slid his gun out and into the holster at his side. Jake hoped that he wouldn’t have to use it tonight.

“On the house, Jay.” Jack said as he finished the drink and placed it in front of her. “Do not do it here. I’ll never get the mess out of the fabric on those booths.”

Jansa picked up her drink, heading to the floor. Pulling the vial she’d hidden out of her bra, she winked at a frat boy who got a good look. Pouring the whole vial into the drink, she stirred the contents as she waited at one of the tables. It wouldn’t be long now, and she was right when she felt the creep behind her. Turning around, she faked a yelp and splashed her drink all over the man. He started to smoke.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. ”

“Well that’s good. Gosh Mister, you smell fantastic.” Jansa smiled slowly and leaned in to the man.

The man laughed and hooked an arm around her waist.

“Gotcha, dead boy.” She murmured in to his ear as she slammed the silver dagger she’d pulled out of her boot into his chest. He turned in to a mess of red dust and it coated Jansa. Disgusted, she stormed back to the bar.

“I hope you’re happy. I didn’t get it on the upholstery.”

“Thank Heaven and all its Angels for small favors.”

Jansa laughed. “I’m no Angel.”