Aurora pushed open the door to the hut that they’d found in the woods. It had started to rain earlier that day and wouldn’t let up, even in to the night. She’d be grateful for two walls and a piece of roof still being intact of this place. When the door to the hut fell over and landed with a loud thunk, kicking up a pile of dust, Aurora sighed.

“Well, at least there’s a roof.” She said to the horse she had with her.

Wicket nickered at her and nudged her shoulder.

“Oh all right. I give in. We’re staying here.” She stepped in and Wicket followed her inside before Aurora could stop her.

Aurora pulled a torch and flint from Wicket’s panniers. She lit the torch after only a couple of tries, the rain had cooled her fingers to the point of near uselessness, and waited to let her eyes adjust to the new light. Aurora noticed there was something odd.

“Wick, I don’t think these people left on their own.” She said.

“They didn’t.” said a person from behind her.

Aurora screamed and nearly dropped the torch.

“Oh for love of the goddess! Do you have to go about scaring the crap out of every traveler who’s looking for shelter?” Aurora demanded.

Aurora got a good look at her intruder as he laughed. He had possession of bright silver eyes and pointed ears.

“I would have to pick Elven-kin land. Never mind, I’m off.” She said and made her way to the door, hauling Wicket behind her, who protested, but went along.

“You can stay. I haven’t laughed like that in an age.” He said.

“May I have the name of the lord to whom I owe his generosity?”

“Polite, when you want to be, aren’t you?”

“When I’m not startled, tired, hungry and cold, yes.” Aurora shot back.

The man laughed. “Your people call me Amras Séregon.”

“Oh hell. I’ve landed on the high king’s land. Of all the bloody quaint luck.”


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