Father Mine

“So what is it that we’re doing here again?” Bishop asked Jansa as they made their way through an abandoned subway station.

“Looking for Father.” Jansa said.

“and that is?”

Jansa sighed and looked around through the night vision glasses that Dirk had given her and Bishop when they left The Roost.

“We call him Father because he’s kind of the Father of us all.”

“What do you mean?” Bishop asked.

“She means, dear boy, that I’m the one everyone seeks when they’re lost.”

Jansa smiled at the man who stepped out of the shadow of a door way. “Father.”

“My girl.” He replied and swept her up in to a hug.

“Holy shit. That’s -” Bishop’s jaw dropped.

“That’s right. Thought you killed me, did you? You’ll come to learn that I am not so easy to kill.” He said as he set Jansa down. Running a hand through his brown hair that was laced with silver, Jansa’s own father smiled at him.

“The fucking Wolf is alive.” Bishop was in awe. “I saw the bomb explode. How did you make it out?”

“I didn’t, but I’m fucking immortal. All I had to do was wait for them to reach me.” Wolf Rook said as he hooked his arm around his daughter’s waist.

“That means,”

“That Jansa is immortal and not human.”

“Sorry Bishop. I wanted to tell you and Pope years ago, but Dad didn’t want me to let my secret out.” She stood next to her father, proud.

“So you’re the Dragon. The one that everyone has been looking for, for the last 10 years?”

Jansa nodded.

“How the bloody fuck could you have not told me?! You could have ended this whole thing years ago!”

“By becoming a guinea pig? Never. I’d die first than be trapped in that place.”

“So instead you’re going to let them take more children in your place? Some fucking hero.”

“I never said I was a hero. That was you. I’m doing what’s right.”


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