I Melt For You

Jansa stepped off the elevator and pulled out the scanner out of her bag. Dirk swore his new toy would make things easier. She just hoped that he managed to make it stable. The last thing she needed was it exploding in her hand while on a hunt.

Jansa walked down the hall of apartments, scanning each door and coming up empty. Cursing under her breath, she walked to the last door in the hall and scanned it. The scanner in her hand dinged. Smiling to herself, Jansa put the machine away and pulled out her lock picks. She was inside and searching the apartment in less than a minute.

She was just about to go in to the bedroom when someone grabbed her from behind.

“Don’t move.”

Jansa knew that voice and groaned. “Bishop.”

“You know I love it when you say my name like that, but I’m afraid we’ve both been set up. There’s a patrol on their way here.”

“How do you know?”

“Police scanner.”

Jansa sighed. “Exit plan?”

“Through the window or we go out in to the hall and pretend we’re drunk lovers on their way home.” He murmured in to her ear.

Jansa thought about it and decided that wearing glass was not a good idea tonight.

“Option two.”

“I love that option.” Bishop said as he dragged her out the door and locked it behind them. Pushing Jansa against the door, Bishop kissed her neck while she watched the hall way. He was drawing an erasure sigil on the door to erase their presence from the apartment.

“Are you done?” Jansa asked.

Bishop nuzzled her ear. “Mm.. yeah. Did you know you smelled like blueberries?”

Jansa fought the urge to melt. “Yeah, I did. Body wash. Now keep moving, I don’t want to end up in jail tonight.”

“I like it.” Bishop said.

Jansa nudged him back and they stumbled down to the elevator, laughing and giggling.


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