The sounds of ZZ Top’s “Tush” pumped out of the speakers of the bar as she walked by the door. It was a busy night in The Hallow and Jansa was just getting started on making her rounds. There were some rumors from Watertown that a new shipment of Kappa children has just been brought over from the islands and were currently up for auction.

Jansa was not happy at the thought of those kids being forced to do their special brand of magic as a rich man’s toy.

Making her way inside, Jansa flashed a smile to the security guy behind the podium.

“Long time, Luke.”

“Not long enough, Jansa. No death tonight.”

“No promises.” She said with a laugh as she strolled in to the main room.

Jansa scanned the room slowly, allowing her implant to pick up on faces in the database that Dirk had designed. When she spotted Bishop across the room, she swore. Picking up her phone she dialed his number and smiled when he picked up.

“Hello, fuck-face.”

“Hello, Scorpion Queen.”

“Here to poach more children for that government mill you call a ‘rehabilitation’ program? ”

“Give it a rest, Crusader. I’m here for the same reason you are. To get the kids out safe.” He looked around the room for her, but Jansa had hidden herself in a dark corner.

“Kiss my tush.” Jansa said and ended the call. She smiled when she saw him swear at his phone and looked around again.

She disappeared up a stairway to the auction room when the light flashed. She settled in to her chair when Bishop sat next to her.

“You’re going to have to deal with me eventually, Crusader.”

“At least you’re not calling me Pope anymore.”

“You divorced him. I wouldn’t insult you with his memory.”

“No, instead you insult me with my own stupidity.”

“Never stupid, Crusader. Naive maybe, but never stupid. You loved him as I love you.”

“Now who’s naive?”

“Only for you.”


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