The 12th Date

“Twelfth date. We’ve finally made it to my door.”

“Would you look at that, it looks like we have.”

“So now I can ask. Would you like to come in?”

Ben didn’t answer me with words. He bent down and kissed me as he took the keys from my hand and opened the door. Ben scooped me up.

I don’t remember the trip to the bedroom.

We got to the bedroom and clothes were shed, I heard an audible intake of breath as I pulled the zipper of my dress down.

“So beautiful,” he said as he kissed my bare shoulder after pulling the dress down. “like porcelain covering solid steel.”

I laughed and turned, yanking him along with me as I fell to the bed. Pushing his dress shirt off of his shoulders, I kissed his neck and tossed the shirt aside.

“I need your hands on me.” I murmured in to his ear and nibbled on the lobe. “They drive me crazy.”

Something snapped in the both us with my confession. The rest of the clothes we were wearing were tossed in different directions and we rolled with each other on the bed. His hands were everywhere as they drove me up and over the edge of an orgasm, leaving me panting under him as I dug my nails into his hips.

When he groaned that he needed me, arched up my hips and rubbed against him, murmuring back that I was his. Ben murmured back in Arabic. I knew enough from being around him that he was calling me his red-headed dream. I wrapped my legs around his waist and urged him to slide in. Wrapped around each other, we rode together to the end. Ben had his fingers on my clit to make sure I went with him as he slid over the edge of his own orgasm.

“I’m so glad you asked me to come in.”

I laughed and instead of making a bad joke, I kissed him.



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