Snow Globe


I pulled the car to a stop to the side of the road outside of the graveyard. The snow was falling harder now and would continue till morning. The radio told me that as I looked down at the snow globe sitting in my passenger seat. Picking it up I braced myself for the cold as I pushed the door open and climbed out of the car. The wind bit through my coat and forced me to haunch my shoulders.

I didn’t have to do this tonight. The blizzard was more than enough to keep me at home with a book and a cup of tea, but he was waiting for me and I hadn’t let him down yet. I wasn’t going to do so this year.

I walked through the snow, my boots making tracks letting anyone who came by know that I was inside, that I was alive and there. I tucked my arms around the snow globe tighter and tried my best not to shiver. At least I couldn’t cry tonight. It was too cold for that.

“Six rows in, three stones to the right.” I whispered out loud to myself.

I found myself there eventually. I’d make a joke about being old, but he wouldn’t like it and chastise me.

“You’re Fifty-six. That’s not old. It’s well aged”

The first tear slipped out because I thought I could almost hear his voice.

I finally looked down at his stone. There was room next to it for my name when the time came, but for now it belonged to just him.

“Merry Christmas, Ben. I know you’d have told me not to come, but I remembered this time. It’s getting harder though. I also managed to remember the globe.” The tears came fast now. I guess I could cry when it’s this cold. “You gave me the world. I love you. ”

I set the globe down on his stone and made my way out of the cemetery. 

I remember you.


7 thoughts on “Snow Globe

  1. Loved the bit about the tracks proving she was alive.

    I remember visiting my grandmother’s grave with my grandfather, and his name carved, dateless, next to hers. *shiver*

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