Phantoms of your mind

“Are you ready, Recruit?”

She took a deep breath. “Ready.”

A signal from the technician standing behind her to the booth above the room she was currently standing in, had the silver cloth drape rising from the mirror she knew was underneath. Closing her eyes, she tried to steady her breathing. This was it, one more test and she’d make grade and be mustered out of the training program, get her wings and be given a parcel of cases to preside over.

She just had to face her own worst fears. The phantoms of pain from her past that made her who she was before she died and became a hand-picked guardian-in-training. Only about ten in one hundred recruits were able to manage it the first time.

The technician behind her placed a hand on her shoulder. There was always one in the room with the recruit. That way they always knew they would never be alone.

“It’s time. You may look now, Recruit.”

She hesitated. Unlike the other recruits she came here with a gift. Perfect memory. There was nothing that she could forget about her past. Opening her eyes, she sucked in a deep breath and almost cried out. The mirror was blank. All it reflected back was herself, but she was crying. The images began then and she felt the fear rising in her throat. She saw the things she imagined would happen to her family. There were rapes, murders and brutal beatings on her children. There were the small fears, not being good enough, not being there enough and not being able to love enough. She felt each fear pile upon her until she gasped for breath and gritted her teeth. She stood there, until the images stopped.

There was nothing left but the weight on her shoulders.

“Good. You didn’t fall. Congratulations, Angel. You’ve passed.”

All she could do was nod.

“Do you know what you’d like your name to be?”


The Angel of Free Will.


11 thoughts on “Phantoms of your mind

    • Thanks. I went with this base on “No one’s fear is the same.” What is small to someone like Tabris is large to someone else. Fear is also fluid. What was once small, becomes large. What was once large, becomes small. All based on what you’re feeling at the time.

  1. Very cool test of strength and endurance!
    Makes me want to hit the mental gym.
    nothing left but the weight on her shoulders ❤

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