Trifecta: Week Ninety-Two: Turkey

“I really don’t think that’s normal.” I said as I stared at lane three of Bill’s Blossom Bowling. There were tentacles coming out of the where the pins were supposed to be. They were pulsing with a faint blue glow.

“Oh, those. Yeah, that’s normal.” Ben said.

“Are you sure?” I asked. They had now picked up pins from other lanes were waving them around.

“Oh yeah. It’s Tuesday. He always comes out on Tuesdays.” Ben said. He wrapped an arm around my waist and rested his chin on the top of my head. At a little over six-foot-five-inches, Ben didn’t need to stretch to see over me. He just had to stand next to me and I was reminded that there was nearly a foot height difference.

“He? What’s his name?” I asked. I watched Sunny, who had just moved here, start yelling at Bill about lane three.

We both watched her storm up to the tentacles and kick one. Ben’s arm tightened around me and he dragged us back slowly. I was a little frightened if Ben was backing away,  it meant that something was more dangerous than him. I put my hands over his and watched Sunny turn away to yell something at Bill and let out a little squeak when the tentacles grabbed her,  pulling under the pin rack and out of sight. There was a loud scream and then a crunch, then silence.

“Okay, that was -” I was interrupted by a loud burp. “Rude.”

Ben laughed. It felt  a little wrong to be laughing, but since I moved to Blueville, things weren’t always the kind of normal that made up my hometown.

Ben kissed the side of my head. “That’s just Paul. You’ll get used to him.” he said as he picked up his green bowling ball. “First one to a Turkey wins?”

“That’s no fair,” I whined. “You cheat to get those.”

But I was smiling when I said it though. I’d finally found a home.


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