Trifecta: Week Ninety-One

I’m taking a break from the murder crew to bring you betrayal, defiance and swashbuckling.


Meet Kate the pirate, her doomed William and her mysterious enemy.


She woke in the cell alone. Holding her head, Kate pushed herself up in to a sitting position. Her head throbbed at the movement.

The last thing she remembered, she was fighting side by side on the deck of the Melanie’s Revenge with William. Pushing her hands in to her face she choked back a sob. She remembered William looking at her before the British attacked. Kate knew they’d been betrayed. She’d seen him on the bridge. The one Pirate all else bowed to on the seas.

Black Beard.

That bastard had told the English exactly where to find them. Kate pushed herself up to her feet to pace to the bucket across the cell. Placing a hand on the wall to catch herself when dizziness washed over her, a sharp pain lanced up her arm.

Panicked, Kate unwound the bandage on her wrist and stared at the brand that had been burned in to her skin. A puffed, bright P stood out. Kate’s head swam and she thought she might faint when the sound of a crowd roared up from the window.

Frantic, Kate launched herself to the window of her cell and clutched at the bars. Standing on the platform was her beloved William, in irons and a noose. Kate screamed before she could stop herself and William looked up at the window where she had pressed herself against the bars.

He smiled up at her and a single tear ran down his face. The executioner kicked the chair out from underneath him and the rope went taught. Kate moaned in pain and she dropped to her knees.

“Maybe you should have listened to me when I told you I would get revenge for what you stole.” someone said from behind her.

Kate didn’t need to turn around before answering , “I’ve hidden it so well, not even you can find the Star of Eternity. It’s safe from the likes of you. My child will see that it stays that way.”


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