Trifecta week 88: Band

This weeks word is band. The definition used is of course number three:

3: to gather together : unite.

Poe caught himself a Raven, who is given a ginger Mouse.


 It smelled of mold and wetness in the basement where she was being kept. The chain on her leg chafed and she didn’t like being down there or even remember why she was being held. The young woman with dirty blonde hair didn’t even remember her own name. Just the one he had given her: Raven.

All she knew was that when he came back, she would stay silent after speaking the words. There were no tears, no begging for her life as he cut her open again. Just silence.

The door at the top of the steps clanked open and she got up from the corner where she was sitting and went to stand where he could easily see her. Raven hated the man with the light brown hair. She hated him more than she hated the basement and it’s smell.

“Raven my sweet, It’s time.”

“Yes, Poe. I am ready.” It was the only words she would speak.

Poe unlocked her chain and she climbs the steps ahead of him. It always took her a few minutes for her eyes to adjust when she got to the top and stepped out in to the light. Poe did not take her elbow and lead her to the Room. She was led further down the hall and in to another room where a little girl with red hair waited on a chair in the center of the room. Raven smiled at the little girl, but it was full of pity.

“This one is for you, Raven. A companion in your pain.”

Raven nodded to Poe and stepped forward. Holding her hand out, she waited until the girl got off the chair and clasped her hand tight.

“My name is Pepper. What’s yours?”

Raven shook her head and led the child down the hall. Telling Pepper nothing meant that they both had a chance to survive if they were a band of two; but the Raven’s companions all died. He eventually took them away. 


7 thoughts on “Trifecta week 88: Band

  1. Sad, dark tale, seemingly drawn from recent headlines and classic literature. Nice touch having a character named Raven who quoth nevermore. Thank you very much for linking up. 🙂

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