Trifecta Week 87 – Charm

This weeks post had me thinking: What about Poe?

I’ve given you Harry and Bartlett, Harry and Pepper, Pepper and Harry.. but.. no Poe.


“Now really, Charlton. You can’t blame me for wanting to kill you. After all, you foreclosed on an orphanage.” Poe said as he sharpened a knife on a wet-stone just inside Charlton Preston Whitmore esquire’s field of vision.

The man was so terrified that he wet himself.  “I’m not that terrifying, Charlton.” Poe said, wrinkling his nose at the smell and laying the knife down on the tray.

A tear slipped out of the man’s eye. It was like a charm for Poe, luring him in like a rat to a piper’s song. Smiling wide, Poe patted the man’s chest.

“You’ll be my greatest work yet. You’re family will be so very pleased.”

Poe went back to sharpening his knives, but didn’t miss the way the man’s blue eyes went wide with panic and he started shaking his head so violently that a lock of hair fell over his forehead. Poe chuckled and turned the music up. There was nothing like killing someone to the sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Boogie Wonderland.” Poe couldn’t top the feeling of the way his victims stared at him as he danced across the room after each infliction of pain he brought upon them.

A smile crossed Poe’s face as he reached for the first knife on his tray. Looking down at the lawyer, Poe’s face to the man tied to the table was madness itself. Smile wide and bright, eyes just a little too glossy as if he was on some kind of drug. The only drug Poe needed was the kill. Any kill.

As Poe cut the man’s shirt open he murmured out loud. “You will be a masterpiece.”

Charlton closed his eyes and tried to prepare himself for the worst. When the knife slid in to his chest, he hadn’t prepared himself nearly enough for the pain and he let out a scream of pain through the tape covering his mouth.


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