Trifecta Week 85: Pepper does fly.

This week’s Trifecta is Fly:

3a : to move, pass, or spread quickly
  b : to be moved with sudden extreme emotion <flew into a rage>
  c : to seem to pass quickly <the time simply flew>

Harry could smell the Lake Michigan on the wind as she got out of her car. Smiling with her eyes closed, she lifted her face to meet the wind, enjoying the feeling on her skin. Leaning against the car, Harry opened her eyes and stared up at the little yellow house that she just purchased. It was good to be home.

“Ugh, Mom! Would you move?! I can’t get out of the car if you’re going to stand there!” Harry’s daughter, Pepper, said as she tried to wiggle her way over the bench seat of the 1972 Plymouth Fury II that Harry had inherited when her Aunt Matilda passed.

“Sorry, Pep. I was just enjoying the smells of the lake.” Harry said as she stepped back so Pepper could get out of the car. At nine she was all fire to match her bright red hair, a gift from her father.

Pepper took a big sniff after getting out of the car and wrinkled her nose. “It smells like fish. Dead ones.”

Harry laughed, “I’m sure it does. Lets go see what Aunt Mat’s gift got us.”

Cheering, Pepper ran for the door and was practically bouncing out of her bright green sneakers while waiting for Harry to catch up.

“Come on, Mom! Hurry up! I wanna see!” Pepper said as she danced from one foot to the other.

“Calm down, Pep. You’ve got plenty of time to see the house today. We’re not officially moving in until tomorrow. This is just a look-see.” Harry said, a smile touching her lips.

Pepper rolled her eyes, “I know, Mom.”

Harry unlocked the door and stepped back, allowing Pepper to run in first. There were shouts that seemed to come from everywhere as Pepper ran through the rooms, trying to take everything in at once. It was amazing how time seemed to fly. Just yesterday, Harry was bringing her home from the hospital while grieving for her husband. Growing up too fast, Harry thought.

-332 words for the story.

I must say, I really like Harry and Pepper. I hope you all do too.


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