The Vulture is crude

So, Mixeduppainter on Twitter dared me to participate in Trifecta weeks ago. I finally decided that I would give it a go this week. So without further ado, meet Harry.

Harry Stasek could smell the corpse from outside the perimeter of the crime scene and her nose wrinkled in protest.

“Shit.” she said as she stared at what had once been a nice fishing cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan.  The press had dubbed the latest psychopath to make the headlines “The Michigan Vulture.” Harry suggested a better name: The Michigan Shit-House killer. That hadn’t gone over well with the Captain, but it had a crude way about it that the rest of the troops liked. Inside, The Vulture had stashed his latest victim.

“You’re not that far off, Harry.” said Captain Bartlett as he walked up from where he had been meeting with the media team from Langley.

“Not another one?”

“Yeah, he really did a number on her. We lost three new recruits when they went in to collect evidence. Two fainted and one lost his breakfast all over the scene.” The Captain ran a hand over his face and sighed. “I’ll never be able to eat another bear claw again.”

“You can’t have them anyway. Your wife would have my hide if you broke doctor’s orders again.” Harry said absently as she stared at the door way of the shack. Her nose was full of the smell of rotting flesh. Harry could do nothing about it but cover her nose with a handkerchief.

“I don’t want one now after seeing what he did with Missy McGenty.”

“So you’ve confirmed ID?”

“The tattoo of the crow is still on her shoulder.”

“One for Sorrow or intelligence, which ever mythology you want to go by.” Harry said as she started walking toward the scene, stuffing the handkerchief in her pocket. Captain Bartlett fell in beside her. “Let’s go see just how crude our new friend got this time.”


10 thoughts on “The Vulture is crude

  1. if I flipped open a murder mystery at the store and read this as the teaser, i’d totally give it a shot. I have a weird affinity for women with men’s names too, so that was another plus.

  2. You’ve hinted at a grisly scene without giving so much detail that I want to lose dinner (thank you for that!) This was an intriguing bit of story – I’m glad you took the challenge and shared it on Trifecta!

  3. Hello from a fellow Trifecta newbie! I totally agree with stankmeaner above: I’d snap this up off the shelf in a flash. Great job with the characterization and the pacing of the piece. You packed a lot into the limited space without sacrificing meaning or quality–very nicely done.

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