New short story

So I bought myself some of Rory’s Story Cubes a couple weeks ago. If you’re not familiar with them, here’s the link to their site. Now, I normally don’t use this sort of thing for my writing, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I was so wrong.

I gave the cubes a roll and this is what I came up with:

These are the cubes that started it all.

These are the cubes that started it all.

Now normally, I’d have just laughed and continued on with my current project. For some reason though, that project was giving me fits so I decided that yes, I would be writing a story with these cubes. So I sat down and I thought about what would make a good story? I couldn’t use the characters I’m using in my current story – that would defeat the purpose of taking a break. However, I could use that world. So I took my characters back to 1979. They’re all in their 20s, young and still keeping secrets from each other. Then I decided that my one of my characters needed a sister. An older, much wiser, indulgent sister. This is how Misty was born.

You see, Misty is Toms older sister. Who is Tom? Well, he’s my main character’s father from the other story I’m working on. I needed a reason that Tom and Parker got married and I knew I couldn’t pull a “Well, we don’t really talk about it.” kind of thing. There has to be a back story on how adventurous Parker ended up with bookish, but heroic, Tom. Enter Misty and a most unfortunate day for Tom.

I started to tell Tom’s story, but it morphed in to Misty’s and how she ended up fighting along side Parker. There’s just a hint of how Tom and Parker got together. I think that will have to wait until next time. I do know one thing though: I really like it when the Sherwoods are together and adventuring.

I’ll be posting the first part of the story tonight and probably the rest tomorrow. Feel free to leave me comments if you like. I encourage all polite feedback. However, if you’re going to be a dick: Don’t bother comments. I will mallet those comments so hard, you’ll wish that I had John Scalzi’s Mallet of Loving Correction.

Or the one that turns things in to kittens. I like that one.



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