Injuries and Gas

I was in a foul mood early Tuesday morning when I went out for my run. I was running along and almost crashed in to a huge web with a nice big, fat spider hanging in the middle. Not being a dummy, I moved out-of-the-way and decided to run on the street. ‘Good move,” I thought to myself as I was running along. Five minutes later, I’m starting to go around a corner when all of a sudden my right ankle rolls and I come down hard on my left knee. I went cross-eyed from the pain, but got back to my feet and walked home. That’s right. I walked home on a hurt ankle and busted up knee. Yell at me later.

I get home, pull up the cuffs of my jogging pants and discover that my knee looks like someone raked a cheese grater over it and I’ve got a pretty good size bruise next to the scrapes. Nice. My ankle on the other hand, is the size of a baseball and has a dark spot where I bruised it while falling on it. Bummer. So I go clean up myself and my knee – then drop in to bed, exhausted. There’s just one problem. I forgot the ice packs, the towels and the tv remote. Crap. I get back up, hobble back in to the kitchen, grab the ice packs, the towels and drop back in to bed. Still no Tv remote. It takes me a minute to remember it’s still on the other side of the room and I’m not getting up again. Staring at it won’t help because I am not a Jedi and I can’t float it over to myself. I can hear you questioning me now;

‘If you had Jedi powers, would you really use it for that?’

Yes, yes I would. You would too. I’d also use them for getting another roll of toilet paper from the hall closet so I don’t have to shout for someone to go get it because the last person in the bathroom is a jerk for not putting a new roll in there.

Moving on.

I pass out after posting the photos of my injuries on Twitter (because really, who wouldn’t? Misery loves company). When I get up a few hours later, I have a slew of text messages from people yelling at me for hurting myself (again), voice mails, twitter messages/comments from people telling me the best way to take care of it (I’m going to give a shout out to @MushiPanda and @MonkeyMack from twitter for the ice bath thing, they’re just faboo) and several phone calls which I’m kind of glad I missed.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday was spent either in bed, or on the couch reading. Thursday rolled around and it’s pay-day. So I get the lecture from people, whom I love and care for very much, about being careful while I’m out running errands.

I finish up my errands and my shopping and I’m at the gas station, struggling with the pump (it’s hard to maneuver the pump handle when you’re on crutches) when out of no where the guy in the car next to me, tells me to get my bottom in my car and off the crutches before I hurt myself again. Okay, so my Knight in Shining armor is a little rough  around the edges, but I can work with that. I go and get back in to my car while the man, whom I later found out is named Jake, pumps my gas for me and comes around to check on me and my ankle. Small talk is made, numbers are exchanged and my heart flutters a bit. Nice guy, nice face, nice shoulders, faboo bottom.

Giving him a wave and another ‘Thank you!’ out the car window I drive off. Straight in to a torrential downpour from Hurricane Irene. However, it’s hard to beat the fabulous mood I’m in after being rescued from making an idiot of myself.


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