Once upon a time

Come and hear my tale

of a kingdom of two colors

and a war where white seemed to fail.


For in this story

the White Queen weeps

and the King of Red

has a secret to keep.


It starts in the north

upon a lake of frozen blue

where there was a palace trapped

that held the White Crown true.


Upon the head of the Lost Queen

the crown waits

for the one who is true

and open to her fate.


In the castle there is a room divided by color

where the Queen sits in frozen scene

forever cold

trapped in a scream.


Red must face White

for a land long-lost

to gain a foothold

in a war gone to frost.


Queen faces King

who locked her away

to melt the ice

the game must you play.


Should Red win the crown

land shall forever be of frost

the opposite of White

who does not want the land lost.


To save the land

you must find the Red Kings crest

and look for the secret

that lays upon his frozen chest.


But be forewarned

Red does not play nice

and be prepared

to face him upon the ice.


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