Rain, redux

So I wrote about needing the rain two days ago and what do I get? Two whole days of rain. If I wrote about needing a new job and a million dollars, would I get it?

Probably not.

The rain was needed and after three weeks of a steady rain with intermittent sunshine and the chance to dry out, maybe the situation would get better down here. After yesterday, there were three wildfires caused by lightning strikes during the storm. That’s how bad things are. It makes me sad though, that all that wilderness is gone and it’s not coming back for at least a decade. Ten years before you could walk through it and see marsh instead of thinking “This place was burned out.”

It makes you think about what else is missing that you can’t enjoy again. I’m not talking about eateries that closed down that were your favorites or even television shows that are gone but not forgotten (*cough* Firefly *cough*). However, those things that are gone usually make a space for something new (Castle, V, Chuck) that was better than before. Wilderness however, isn’t one of those things. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good and you can’t bring it back. Not the way it was before.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have 150 million acres of marsh and swamp land than 60 more Starbucks locations.


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